Now that you've used your soaps, tossed in a bath bomb, or a melt, slathered in lotion, and all the while have been burning your amazing 3 in 1 Candle, what could possibly make this better ? That's right, Chocolate! We design candy bouquets for any occasion. Birthdays, Valentine's day, any day you need to make special. All Bouquets come in two sizes Small and Large. The small Bouquets have small sized candy bars, and packages of your favorite chocolates. Your Large Bouquets  have large, full sized candy bars. Some Bouquets will come with Silk Roses and a balloon, they all vary and are original since they are hand made. So when you are soaking in your bath and suddenly remember a Birthday, Anniversary etc. etc. Bubbles, Baubles & Wicks has you covered.