Bath Bomb Cupcakes

Bath Bomb Cupcake

$ 5 USD

Ingredients:Baking soda,citri acid,grapeseed oil,sweet almond oil, vit E oil, epsom salts, fragrance or essential oils, skin safe color.

Frosting ingredients: glycerin soap, glycerin oil, foaming body butter, fragrance or essential oil. 


  Our Bath Bomb Cupcakes are two products in one: A cupcake bath bomb, and a wonderful sudsing soap meant to use over and over again that comes from the frosting. Just pinch off a piece of "frosting" and use the puff provided to make a lather so thick, you won't use shaving cream again! Place the "frosting" back into the plastic so it stays fresh and ready for next time. Take the cupcake out of its wrapper, toss it into the bath and enjoy the aromatherapy of our bath bomb fizzies. Our bath bombs are much more than just fun, they moisturize and soften as you sit back and relax.